Sublimation Ink For Epson Inkjet Printers : Artisan / Stylus Photo

L&C Sublimation Ink For Epson Inkjet Printers : Artisan / Stylus Photo

  • Use for transferring like T-shirt, cloth printing, pillow, mug cup , quilt, crossstitch, shoe, cap, ceramics, box, bag, decorative cloth, flag, banner etc

  • 100% Compatible with all types of piezoelectric inkjet Printers Artisan 1430 50 837 730 835 810 Stylus Photo Printers R200, R220, R300, R320, R340, RX500, RX600, RX620 RX560 RX580 1400 1410 1500W. Can be use with refillable cartridges and CISS ink system

  • High Quality ink with Great Low prices, It is scratch resistant, waterproof and anti-UV, and non-fading.

  • Package Includes: 1x 100ml Black, 1x 100ml Cyan, 1x 100ml Magenta, 1x 100ml Yellow,, 1x 100ml Cyan, 1x 100ml Magenta

  • ISO 9001 Certified,100% Satisfaction.

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       Sublimation Paper on sale!

Packages Contains the following

  • 1 Bottle x 100ml Black Sublimation ink

  • 1 Bottle x100ml Cyan Sublimation ink

  • 1 Bottle x 100ml Magenta Sublimation ink

  • 1 Bottle x 100ml Yellow Sublimation ink

  • 1 Bottle x 100ml Light Cyan Sublimation ink

  • 1 Bottle x 100ml Light Magenta Sublimation ink

Compatible Printer Models

Artisan 1430 printer
Artisan 50 printer
Artisan 837 printer
Artisan 730 printer
Artisan 835 printer
Artisan 810 printer
Artisan 700 printer
Artisan 710 printer
Artisan 800 printers
Stylus Photo 1400 printer
Stylus Photo 1410 printer
Stylus Photo 1500W printer
Stylus Photo P50 printer
Stylus Photo PX650 printer
Stylus Photo R200 printer
Stylus Photo R220 printer
Stylus Photo R260 printer
Stylus Photo R265 printer
Stylus Photo R280 printer
Stylus Photo R320 printer
Stylus Photo R340 printer
Stylus Photo R360 printer
Stylus Photo RX500 printer
Stylus Photo RX600 printer
Stylus Photo RX560 printer
Expression Photo XP-55 printer
Expression Photo XP-750 printer
Expression Photo XP-760 printer
Expression Photo XP-850 printer
Expression Photo XP-960 printer


  1. Factory direct supply.

  2. High quality with competitive price.

  3. Suitable for :mug cup/plate/cloth/mouse pad/ pillow/glass/metal/flag/Shoe and so on.

  4. With piezoelectric print heads machine, heat transfer Equipment and thermal transfer paper, you can transfer personalized design to packaging, mugs Porcelain, Tiles, Tents, Flags, all kinds of promotional gift and artwork.

  5. Suitable for piezoelectric printers including Artisan Photo inkjet printers

  6. Good resistant, no clognozzle

  7. Comprehensive and vivid color performance

  8. Excellent water resistance and light fastness It can be keep no fading for several ten years indoor and one year outdoor



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Sublimation Paper

  • COMPATIBLE : Our sublimation printer paper compatiable with all injket printer with sublimation ink,Epson, HP, Canon, Ricoh, Sawgrass, etc.

  • HIGH QUALITY : Over 98% transfer rate, NO fracturing, NO fade, fast dry. The finished products are beautifully decorated with bright, vivid colors. Reduce production cost by less ink consumption, save you tons of money!

  • UNLOCK YOUR CREATIVITY : Sublimation transfer paper can be used for T-shirts, ceramic mugs, pillow cases, phone cases, canvas bag, mouse pads, you are able to create personalized and specialized to give as a gift designed and created on your own